We are a Jakarta-based consultancy providing strategic communications and public relations capabilities and services that help clients effectively engage with a wide spectrum of constituents in Southeast Asia's largest economy.

Since 2000, the firm has set the industry benchmark for clear thinking, sound advice, creative strategies plus impeccable program execution to help our clients achieve their business and corporate reputation aspirations.

Our team of over 40, including advisors and consultants combine industry and business experience along with contemporary knowledge of communications methodologies and tools.

Our client roster spans multinational giants to leading Indonesian companies who are building businesses, initiating change and seeking creative yet practicable solutions.

To be a catalyst for the development of the public relations industry in Indonesia. We do this by setting new standards in the way we perform for our clients and in the way we manage our business. We thrive in breaking from tradition where it is appropriate.

We have a strong appetite and willingness to try new ideas. We constantly look for new ways to do old things. And we firmly reject any notion that things cannot be done better or more efficiently.

To employ the best thinking and communications disciplines in the creation and execution of campaigns that result in the right commercial and social environment for our clients to conduct their business and achieve their desired business goals.

To professionally service the information needs of Indonesian media and foreign media operating in Indonesia so that what we do contributes to the quality and value of their work.

To provide a conducive work environment and infrastructure where our people can be empowered to realize their fullest potential by developing the right skills and expertise.

We push ourselves to achieve greater levels of performance because we know that while each client is unique, expectations for efficacy and quality never vary. Our approach is highly customer-centric. Our mission is to deliver quality work, in close partnership with our clients, which bear the hallmarks of:

Clear Thinking

Critical thinking and deep understanding of each client's industry, business needs and challenges but also, how to turn opportunities into competitive advantages.

Sound Advice

Translating intelligence, data and stakeholder analysis and insights into creating programs that address results-driven strategies.

Impeccable Execution

Developing imaginative, goal-specific programs which are then implemented flawlessly, on time. Every time.

"Helping our clients succeed by managing the way they communicate through a structured methodology that uses research to create the right strategic messages and to effectively bring these messages to life through campaigns that are innovative, imaginative and memorable."

Although drawn from varied backgrounds in business and communications disciplines, all Cognito staff live our values and share one common purpose: to help our clients successfully achieve their goals. The firm is also able to tap on a wide network national and international specialist advisors who offer deep domain knowledge and expertise.


We offer innovative ideas courageously; driven by doing the right thing.


We think clearly; understand the context and substance of the presented challenge.


We exercise “out- of-box” thinking to produce original ideas & extraordinary results.


We are honest and consistent in thought and action.Walk the talk.


We have confidence stemming
from professionalism and pride
in our work.


We respect ourselves and
our clients in every action we take.


We collaborate among ourselves and
with our clients to produce great results.

Our people are diverse across different dimensions - business and industry experience is blended with deep domain and professional expertise in all aspects of communications, change management, public relations and public affairs. We believe this allows for greater collaboration, broader perspectives and the harnessing of practical creativity which ultimately benefit our clients.